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Avid Builders provides services for both residential and commercial needs, including new construction, major remodels, tenant improvements, restaurants, bars, pubs, breweries, offices, retail, mixed-use, grocery, DADU (detached accessory dwelling units) & decks.

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Pre Construction

We believe that working with your builder early in the design process is critical for a smooth, successful project. Early consultation helps with the alignment of design decisions, budget and timing. Including Avid in your design team at the pre-construction phase helps ensure a seamless start to the project.


The construction contracting process is structured in one of three formats:

  1. Lump Sum Contract: Plans + Specifications = Firm pricing;
  2. Lump Sum Contract With Allowances: Plans + Partial Specifications = Firm Pricing for the bulk of the work, with allowances for certain finishes; and
  3. Time and Materials Contract: the process starts with a Rough Order of Magnitude for the project and from there, time and materials are tracked and billed as incurred.

No matter which path you choose, we are committed to transparency and clarity throughout the construction process.

About us

At Avid Builders, we emphasize quality workmanship and communication to achieve your vision. We have over 25 years in the residential and commercial construction industry and can navigate most any unique project design. We strive to create long-term client relationships with both integrity and our guidance. Passion + Teamwork + Dedication has been (and still is!) our motto since we founded Avid Builders, Inc.


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