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Our expertise includes building from your architect’s plans (Bid Build) as well as where we manage both the design and construction services for your project (Design Build). Please see below to learn about the benefits of each.


Bid Build

Often, our clients come to us with architects’ plans in hand. In this scenario, the architect prepares documents on which general contractors place bids. Because all contractors responding to the bid are working from the same information, this helps to ensure fairness amongst bidders by providing an Apples to Apples comparison. This is a very traditional method of selecting a contractor that emphasizes the importance of the bottom line dollar.

Avid Builders has deep experience working with owners and architects to bring their visions to life, whether cutting edge contemporary or tradition-inspired designs. Our well-trained crews, well-established subcontractor relationships, and low-overhead operations qualify us as a skilled, trusted, and tough competitor in the Bid Build arena.

We will review your plans and provide pricing free of charge as well as offer opinions regarding constructability, scheduling, phasing and alternate budgeting. If you like what you see, we can then prepare a formal cost bid for our services. For competitive bid pricing, please send your drawings or bidding information to

In the classic bid-build scenario, the owner first selects the architect or designer to create the design. Then, once the owner approves the final design, they then bid the project and select the contractor. Design build, on the other hand, involves the contractor at the very beginning, which provides some great advantages for the client.  This method provides great benefits for the owner, including faster delivery, ongoing cost control throughout the design process, competitive pricing and reduced risk of change orders.  Other key components include:

  • Budget management –we can discuss construction budget as the designs are being considered to help keep your project within your budget.

  • Accountability – because we are involved with all details of the project from start to finish, we serve as the single source of accountability for the entire project.

  • Close communication throughout the project means the project stays on track and can even shorten project completion time because bid time is reduced, scheduling for the project can begin before design is finalized, and potential construction problems are uncovered early and resolved quickly.

At Avid, we have great relationships with several designers, and will connect you with those that best fit your style and project goals. We provide free preliminary budgeting to help define your project’s scope and budget before you spend a dime. If the scope and budget is within your range, the next step is a design contract. Scope is better defined, along with the budget and permit is achieved. All along Avid contributes to constructability and adherence to budget so costs stay within projected range. We then competitively bid to your key sub trades to ensure the best price is passed along to you.

Design Build is a tried-and-true method that continues to gain popularity for its effectiveness and reliability.   To take advantage of our Design Build services, please contact

Design Build

Highlights of our services for both Bid Build and Design Build methods

Estimating – We prepare reliable estimates based on current market prices, and use CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) coding standards to track each project detail. This means strict cost control every step of the way as well as reporting that is clear and easy to follow, so you can be assured of numbers you can trust.

Scheduling – Detailed, realistic schedules are created at the start of your project that include all construction and material procurement information. Relevant activities involving other project stakeholders – owner, public entities, consultants – are integrated into the schedule to ensure smooth coordination among all parties.

Constructability Assessments – We bring our extensive construction expertise to a rigorous review of design drawings and construction details. We identify issues and provide thoughtful and creative solutions that can save clients significant time and money.

Value Engineering. We believe that value engineering is not just about cutting costs, it’s also about better use of funds at hand. It means identifying products that bring added value, as well as options that balance upfront costs with long-term operational costs, and options that can produce long-term savings through reduced maintenance costs. The overall goal is to provide smart alternatives that maintain design intent and preserve the client’s objectives.


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