West Seattle Craftsman

Major Remodel

A new addition to the client’s family required a new addition to this modest West Seattle Craftsman home. The original stairs to the daylight basement were located outside and the single bathroom and outdated kitchen were not going to work. Because the project required plan review, Avid connected the client with an architect. The resulting design included an addition with a new master bedroom and bath, a new kitchen, staircase, living room and basement TV room, as well as an overall update to modernize and open up interior spaces. Basement ceiling heating ducts were eliminated, which made the floor look and feel more open. We took special care to make sure the original spaces blended well with the new. The original home was 1.5” out of level, so we made floors level to align with cabinets and other finishes, and used installation techniques with trim and moldings to make the ceiling appear level as well, which gave an overall sense of alignment throughout the home.